The day I made a Minion…

The day I made a Minion...

One of my best friends is leaving this year to London, so as a goodbye I have made a cake, as he wished. For those of you who do not know what a Minion is please watch ‘Despicable Me’ now!
Today, after giving back all my books and giving back my locker card (which meant I needed to take all my notebooks home), I picked up my ‘bestest’ friend from the station. She has just come from a holiday with her family in Poland and decided to visit me until I leave for my own holiday. I am soo happy right now and soo excited! It will be a very very fun end of the week!


The day I made my first business presentation…

The day I made my first business presentation...

Most people know the show Apprenice – with Lord Sugar, ‘you’re fired’ etc. So at the end of year 11 business and economics, students to a sort of similar project as on the show – mainly create a product, its brand, image, adverts and then pitch the idea to a pannel of judges.
Over the past few weeks my friends and I have been working on creating a cleansing cream and making our business – Eternity Enterprises – amazing, and today was the pitching day.
We came to school all dressed up, as our teacher wants it to be professional looking, and worked on our presentation (as some team members had nothing on their slides). But after an hour of actual work we were ready to present.
Being second wasn’t too bad – at least we got it over with quickly – but we had to just sit in the theatre for the rest of the day and listen to other presentations. So after about 16 presentations the judges made their decitions about the winning team and… we came SECOND! Sure it would have been great to win (we would have gotten COUPONS TO A STORE!!!), but at least we were recognised. And honestly, I really enjoyed doing this (though I had a few breakdowns due to my team members) and I would love to do this sort of thing in the future.

PS. Check out the ad I made on youtube and the website!!

The day I put on sunscreen…


Finally the day came that I was able to put on sunscreen! It was 25 degrees (Its warm for Holland, okey?!) and my friend and I went to the beach. There were so many people there, but it was so nice. For the first time all year it actually felt like summer – there were all the beach shops open, old people dancing to rodeo music and even a few people in the sea.
With one more week of school we are finally able to relax, so enjoy it before we have to get back to school or work!

The day I made pizza (!) …

The day I made pizza (!) ...

As it is nearly summer, you can not just keep on living your normal everyday routine anymore. You feel like you have to do something different, something fun, something you have never done before. As this was the initial idea of this blog, I am happy to announce that I did another thing I have always wanted to do but had always some stupid excuse not to – I made pizza! The recipe I used was for 3 pizzas so I had to divide everything by 3 (not very simple), but thanks to my amazing maths skills (and my calculator) I managed to do it. And it was actually really good!
Sure it tasted a little like yeast, but it was really simple to make and didn’t take a lot of time (only 25 minutes waiting for it to rise and 8 minutes in the oven!).
As I didn’t want to get too full, I didn’t put too much topping on – half plain olive oil and rosemary, and other side a spread of pesto. And it was goood.
Next thing I really want to try is this other recipe I found on pinterest for cinnamon bread – maybe in the weekend!!

PS. The link to the pizza recipe:

The day I ate a cake decorated by my friends…

School was… well like school when there is nothing to do but watch movies. At first you’re like ‘yeah movies, this is so cool’ but after watching about 10 of them you start to get just a little bored with the idea. So after a whole day of doing exactly that I went to audition for the next school musical – Sweeney Todd. This is one of my favourite films, which I could watch over and over again, but I have never seen the theatre version, so this experience will be extremely fun and interesting. The role I truly want is Mrs. Lovett – I can act pretty well and she is an amazing character, but her songs are unfortunately a bit out of my singing range… well maybe, hopefully if I practise I will be able to sing them. So now, after an alright audition, where I had to act and sing individually (so scary, as I have never taken any singing classes), I am just going to wait to hear back from my drama teacher. I probably won’t get Mrs Lovett, but hopefully another role, which is quite big.

But coming back to the title of this post, after the auditions I hung out with my two friends – first at one of their houses and then we went to mine. At mine, we ate some cake I had left over from saturday and also unpacked one of my birthday presents – a decorate-it-yourself waffle cake from my godfather (SUCH AN AMAZING PRESENT FOR A CAKE MAKER!! XD). My friend went all out with the chocolate decorating so it was a lot of fun. And then they ate all my mandarins… It was still fun though!

PS. Here is a drawing with ink I made today.

The day I made my very first bread…

The day I made my very first bread...

After a pretty nice day at school, full of movies, sleeping in class, playing games and watching some super awesome physics experiments with liquid nitrogen (pictures below), I came home and decided to make my first ever bread.
I have always wanted to try it and I saw an easy recipe on Pinterest and I decided to try it. So after about 2 hours of making the dough (but mostly waiting for it to rise) I took the beautiful loaf out of the oven and tried it. It was actaully pretty good – not the best bread I have ever tried, but had a lot of favor (thanks to the rosemary) and went amazingly with some olive oil and salt. I can’t wait to try to make it again and improve the recipe to make the bread even better!!



























PS The link to the recipe: (the bread looks actually totally like the picture!!)

The day I went shopping with my mummy…

Finally after a month or so it is finally better weather in this country. So of course my mum and I took advantage of it and went shopping xD. No but seriously it was great. Though due to the sales most of really nice stuff was already gone, I bough some nice things for summer so I’m happy. My mum bough of course some things that are to my liking, but whatever, its her choice.

For lunch we went to a sushi place, to an all-you-can-eat restaurant, because we figured that it would cost less to get that than to buy from the menu (as all-you-can-eat is way cheeper for lunch). But after 2 rounds we were full… so to make our moneys worth, we took the third round home ūüėÄ I don’t think that is really allowed, but we payed for 5 rounds and since we were full we just put the rest into tissues and walked out! Next time I’m brining a plastic box for those kind of restaurants xD

The days I didn’t write…

The past week was very hectic. I had no motivation, no power and no will to write and if you’re not inspired its better not do write.

The week went by really slowly. On Monday it was my birthday, which went pretty horribly. To spare you the details the only good part was dinner with my brother and his girlfriend and watching ‘The Purge’ (RIDICULOUS horror film!) while eating the cake that I baked for myself -_-

The next day I didn’t have school so after saying goodbye to my brother I biked all the way to school only to wait an hour for my friend and come back to the centre. Though it was a pretty bad beginning to the day, the rest went much better – my friends took me to 8tea5, KFC, Zara and The Cheesecake Factory (Ohmygod!) – so that part was pretty great. Then after babysitting for 5 hours, luckily with my friend, we went back home, watched Whose Line and ate some ice cream.

The next two days passed by very slowly – after feeling sick on Wednesday and having absolutely no apetite on Thursday I slept about 11 hours, so at least I¬†caught¬†up on my sleep. During those days however I made the most difficult cake I have EVER made – the house from the movie UP. Even though I didn’t particularly find it a very successful cake, everyone seemed to love and my customer was veeeerrryyyy satisfied.


1065193_450047205091094_1104723727_oOn friday I made another cake, for the end of after school native language lessons, which was today. Though it wasn’t anything too special, the teachers loved the logo and everyone said it tasted amazing. After such a success I have people talking more and more about my cakes and hopefully gaining more customers!

The day I launched my site…

The day I launched my site…

Since there is only one photo of a cake missing (Caramel, Cookie and Cream) in the menu, I decided to finally publish the website of my cake business. It’s not amazing or anything but it has the most important information about the cakes and a way to order them. After launching it I have already gotten two orders – one for next friday in the movie ‘UP’ theme and the other one as a rainbow cake!

Im really happy and excited that this is actually working! 

The day I went to Amsterdam…

It was a really long day.
I woke up after about 5 hours of sleep, biked to a meeting about a presentation I have to do next week, biked back home, took the bus to the station and took the train to Amsterdam!

When I got there my brother and his girlfriend were already there. We had lunch, went shopping and went to their hotel to take a nap – all while it was raining cats and dogs. We were a bit scarred about the hotel, because they only bought a room for two people so we weren’t sure if they would even let me in with them, but thankfully no one saw. There is also an extra bed in the room so I will be staying the night here ūüėÄ

In the evening we went to the Musik Theatre to pick up student tickets (for which you have to come and hour and a half before the performance for) for a ballet. Thankfully there were tickets left. It was getting late so we went to look for a place to eat dinner, so we walked around for about 20 minutes only looking for a place to eat and at the end we went to Vapiano’s. And.. oh my god! The worst dinner ever! We wanted to share 2 pizzas so I ordered and put the order on my card, but the guy didn’t give me a beeper. So I stood there for about half an hour looking at all these pizzas being made only to discover (after asking) that they haven’t even started my order yet because the cook didn’t give me a beeper. So after arguing I showed him my card, which had the order on it, he finally gave me a beeper and started making my pizza. After waiting another 30 minutes we saw our pizzas standing on the counter, but the beeper was not going off. Only when we asked he gave the pizzas to us. We ate the pizzas in like 10 minutes (because it was almost time for the ballet) and went to pay. So when the lady at the cash register asked me if everything was to our liking, I, in a sort of ‘whatever’ way, explained what happened. She¬†apologised¬†and…. took the pizzas of our bill! That was about the only good thing about that dinner – free (pretty good) pizzas!

The ballet was incredible though. There were two pieces – ‘Overture’ by David Dawson and ‘Sacre du Printemps’ by Shen Wei. I reeeeaaly enjoyed it especially the latter. It made me want to start up ballet again.¬†IMG_6333